Comodo Unified Communication (UC)

Secure multiple unique domains and subdomains on a single Unified Communications Certificate (UCC). Save money over buying individual certificates and consolidate your certificate needs in one UCC supported by MS® Exchange 2007/2010 and OCS 2007.

Buy New OR Renew Your Comodo Unified Communication (UC)

  • Business-validated certificate
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Trusted by over 99% of browsers and mail clients
  • Supported by MS® Exchange 2007(or higher) and OCS 2007
  • One of only three officially listed by Microsoft® as a UCC vendor
  • Up to three year certificate term from just $124/year
  • Free Monitoring Service
  • Streamline order process with easy self certificate issuance.

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What this Certificate is used for
For online businesses that use MS® Exchange 2007 (and up) or Office Communications Server 2007 environment, you can streamline your certificate management into a single UC Certificate from Comodo while you save money and time. Secure all your domains such as,, exchange1.yourdomain.local, under one UC Certificate.

Comodo certificates allow you to maintain a high level of security with strong encryption and ID verification capabilities. A Unified Communications Certificate is an easy, comprehensive and economic alternative to securing all your domains and subdomains under just one certificate.

You’ ll benefit from

  • SAN field control to adjust the domains covered in your certificate
  • Business validated certificates to build trust with your website visitors
  • A certificate that grows with your business
  • Simplified security needs in a single UC Certificate
  • Save money compared to buying individual certificates

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