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GeoTrust® is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust ® to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. Our range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizations of all sizes to maximize the security of their digital transactions cost-effectively.

GeoTrust's® world-class SSL Certificates offer fast delivery at a cost-effective price, enabling up to 256-bit SSL encryption, and include a range of GeoTrust® True Site Seals based on the level of identity verification.

GeoTrust's® Signing Products represent the latest in next-generation technology for digitally signing applications, binding people and documents, and assuring code integrity to wireless platforms.

Why Choose GeoTrust® SSL Security Solution

Convenience: GeoTrust® makes it fast and easy to get the SSL certificate you need. Your time is valuable so we optimize our systems to make setting up, using, managing and renewing your SSL certificates efficient and straightforward.

Inexpensive but Good: GeoTrust® prices are low and are good. GeoTrust® SSL supports 99%+ browsers and all popular mobile devices and delivers 256-bit encryption.Their SSL certificates are SAN-enabled so you have inexpensive and flexible multi-domain options. If you order, you get for free. With only one certificate, you can secure an unlimited number of servers and reissues are free. Plus if you want to buy a lot of certificates, we’ll be happy to work out a flexible pricing arrangement that fits with your business.

Reputation: GeoTrust® is an established, respectable SSL brand that reassures your web site visitors that you take their security seriously. Your customers can trust the encryption strength of GeoTrust®certificates because they are based on a stronger 2048-bit root.  GeoTrust® business practices are WebTrust certified for security, availability, processing integrity, privacy and confidentiality.

Get What You Want: GeoTrust has the SSL certificate products you need, ranging from lightning-fast simple domain validated SSL to business-boosting, green bar triggering, extended validation (EV) SSL in high-security browsers.

Browse the Most Impressive Product-Line & Save Tons Today

SSL ProductRetail PriceOur PriceYou SaveSSL Info
GeoTrust Quick SSL PremiiumRM626.00RM369.00RM257.00 More Info
GeoTrust True BusinessIDRM836.00RM443.00RM393.00 More Info
GeoTrust True BusinessID EVRM1256.00RM799.00RM457.00 More Info


Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  We offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee in the event you are not satisfy with Geotrust®, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we'll happily refund your money. Read more on price promise.

Free Website Uptime Monitoring

Because we know SSL itself it's not sufficient for your business

With every purchase of GeoTrust® SSL certificate with us, we will be issuing one year of Free Website Uptime Monitoring to your account. With this service, you will get instant notifications if your website is down that will prevent your customers from visiting your website.

With this add-on service, you will get instant notifications if your website is down - website down means business lost. Our premier uptime monitoring services comes with unlimited email, SMS & voice notifications with more than 30 monitoring stations around the globe - giving you the best accuracy with very minimum false alarm alert.